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A widely recognized pioneer of the mobile and AI revolution while building products that are used by millions of people. The world’s first mobile AI bot and the world’s first mobile online video game culminated in his record of two dozen number 1 hits on the App Store.

He started his tech career as a product manager at Nokia, where he eventually ran a $ 1 billion business. He worked his way up to the Regional Board of Directors and reported to the Business Group Executive Board through various expat positions. Since 2006 he has been running and advising startups in Silicon Valley, where he built brands such as Angry Birds and Big Fish. His teams have won the Golden Lion in Cannes and dozens of other awards. He is the founding chairman of the board of Huuuge Games Inc., which has announced an IPO.

A proven track record as a CEO, chairman and advisor in driving a variety of startups with exits in excess of $ 500 million. His unique insights have been quoted in the NYT, WSJ, ABC and hundreds of media around the world. He founded two foundations and studied in the Netherlands, Sweden and Japan. In 2004 he moved with his family via Belgium and Finland to the USA.

Wibe Wagemans
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