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Why your team software is decreasing productivity

Team software demotivates staff

Tips from a neuroscientist

We circulated a podcast around our team earlier this week called ‘How to focus to change your brain’ by Andrew Humberman. It’s lengthy but I guarantee it will change the way you spend each day and listening to it, will be well worth your time. Read more about Andrew’s extensive work on neuroscience at Stanford.

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The biggest take we got out of it was the theory that ‘focus is anchored to  our visual system’. By focusing on one thing with your eyes, you are signaling the brain to bring activity to help with that task from other parts of the brain.  Andrew goes so far to say that every time we blink, our visual attention, and therefore our focus, is reset. Even by simply practicing blinking less, we are able to focus more on what we are trying to achieve or learn. In other words: Mental focus follows visual focus. This has been scientifically evidenced  by the deployment of neural chemicals, released with visual focus,  that help us to concentrate.

Our visual tunnel for focus, can be easily distracted by the stimuli around it. For example, how often have you picked up your phone to Google something, seen a notification, read it, and then forgot what you picked up your phone for? How often in an hour, do you pick up your phone, and get distracted from the piece of work you’re trying to focus on. Even by taking devices out of the picture, there is continual stimulus around us such as traffic, alarms, emails, team software, children dogs baking etc. that decrease our focal tunnel.

What has this got to do with the team software you use at work?

There are many software’s that businesses use to organize tasks and projects. Whichever one you’re asked to use, have you ever thought about how much it detracts from your own individual focus?

We all have individual tasks, milestones, and goals to achieve in the workplace, but when the tasks we need to achieve these, are lost in a sea of information overload, filled with every other colleague in our teams’ tasks, projects thoughts and feelings, we rapidly lose focus. In other words our brain is wired to relax when we scan broadly due to the fact that the relaxed optical flow sends a signal to the brain that says ‘this is not relevant to me’

By focusing on one simple visual system our focus and productivity goes up. Ideally, we want to have laser focus on achieving goals, and the best way to do this is to have our own individual tasks laid out each day, BUT they must link to meaningful goals and milestones with the use of colour, and should not be diluted by anybody else’s activity. In relation to the bigger picture, these goals can then link to team goals and even company goals. Complete synergy, all in one place without evaporating  critical mental acuity.

That’s what makes GoalShaper different to any other project or team software: Each employee can create their own tunnel of focus  for individual tasks, inside and outside of work, with memorable, colour-coded categories. However, nothing is lost because all of that  activity can be cleverly linked to your organization’s goals where every manager and business owner can see those tasks, milestones and goals being completed in real time on their own private dashboard.

Let us know if you want to hear more about the important topic of neuroplasticity as it relates to alertness and your work and life’s design.


Reach Company Goals Faster E-book

Reach Company Goals Faster E-book

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