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Why GoalShaper?

Easily track, manage and reach your goals...

The only goal setting app to link tasks to goals. Capture, categorize and schedule tasks with GoalShaper.

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Tired of trying to manage your life & business in multiple places?

GoalShaper allows you to set goals, track your plans and manage your time – all in one place!


Be a better-performing you.


Create a high-performing team.


Help your organization achieve more.

Want to see how GoalShaper can help you save time, reduce stress and reach your goals faster? Read on…

Step One:

Find it.

We know that 20% of our actions produce 80% of the results. Yet we rarely take the time to discover which actions would facilitate our goals, the fastest.

Go to every app, post-it-note, pad, Outlook list or Google list and drop every single task or action into your Find column.

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Step Two:

Sort it.

Goal setting is a powerful process for thinking about your ideal future, and for focusing your mind in order to turn your vision of this future into reality.

The next step is to reflect on each action and then drag and drop into your colour coded, personalized categories.

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Step Three:

Do it.

Us GoalShaper to support you in achieving your goals by daily reprogramming your brain with clever colour coding and association. Free up head space, manage tasks into your life categories, then drag and drop them into your calendar. Create total balance and easily reach your goals.

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Now that you have control lets focus on the important things in life…


Set some BIG goals. Yes you can reach them!


Analyse each goal and break it down into small manageable chunks, these are your Milestones.


Open the action and link your actions to your goals and milestones so that you WIN!


Continue to Find, Sort, Do, every day, safe in the knowledge that you are in control of your daily activity and your goals.

And finally, repeat the above so that you can also track your personal and family goals all in the same easy to use place! No more switching between work and life.

More Control. Starts Today!

Sign up takes less than 60 seconds!

Ask a Question…

No! We created GoalShaper so you can access it online, from anywhere! Just login and start using the software.

Yes! We have a first class support team with online support and tutorials on how to use our platform.

Yes! GoalShaper can be accessed from any device with an internet connection and internet browsing capabilities and an app for iOS and Android phones.
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