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When Monday Morning Is Out Of Control


A New Way To Manage

It is Monday morning and already you may be experiencing the overwhelm of ‘things to do’ and also feeling that it is unrealistic to have so much on your plate. Add in the fact that you also have your own personal dreams and vision plus family, social and health responsibilities and it can feel like it is just too busy.

What to do?

I have been experiencing much the same, as we prepare for the next steps in our evolution as a business, and have luckily discovered a new way of reducing overwhelm for more effective focus and productivity. I call it constant and never ending review.

I will use my own week, last week, to illustrate how I do this: I plan my week on Sunday night: Go through all emails, messages and (shock! Bits of paper) and I dump every task and ‘to do’ into my Dump column, then drag and drop into my colour coded filing cabinets and finally group activities together according to colour and schedule into Do Cal. (do not do this on Monday morning when you should be working as the Monday morning rush will hit you and you will feel out of control)

The above is a simple prioritisation process and it works. However last week I had no chance of sticking to my plans as so many other fantastic opportunities came along and were progressed very quickly. I had no time to look in Dump Chunk Do, let alone reflect on whether my activity was linked to the goals I set on September 1st

If you have a week where you are too busy to think, it is very important that you commit to constant and never ending review. It takes a few moments but it will make you feel fantastic instead of guilty and ensure that you are still on track with your goals.

This might seem counter intuitive but it works: At the end of the week look at your Calendar or online meeting scheduler and add to the Dump column all new activities that have unexpectedly arisen during the week. (Retrospective Review) Next Drag them into their filing cabinets and put them into the days that you completed them (these will be in the past of course)

When you then review your week’s activity you will see the complete picture. Pat yourself on the back for what you DID achieve instead of focusing on all of the uncompleted tasks. Finally, make sure that the new activity is aligned to your goals by clicking on the Monthly Goals tab.

You may find that you set some goals and had some idea how to get there but the Universe  gave you another way which is even better.

My Best Year Ever software is the only app that allows you this complete flexibility and spontaneity and, if used properly, it will effortlessly save time and get the results that you really want

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