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When Life Gives You Lemons


When Life Gives You Lemons  

I suggest you don’t make lemonade.

Sometimes life can feel so unmanageable that nothing is in control. I had one of those weeks last week.

In 48 hours I had several conflicting deadlines and an emergency plus a crisis. Of course these are all ‘loaded’ words that can cause stress and it is always a good idea to take the drama out of language if possible. This is because our limbic brain recognises danger and reacts to danger without rational comprehension.  Language can create highly stressed responses such as the release of cortisol and a panic response, even when there is no real danger present.

However, sometimes it is better to acknowledge a situation for what it is.  If you read my last blog you will know that last week, within a  48 hour period, I had a deadline for filing our end of year accounts, a Board meeting, a live global webinar and in the middle of all that important activity my daughter was rushed to hospital with appendicitis and one of our websites was hacked.

None of those events were movable and I was under extreme pressure for a short period of time. All I could do was put one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward to the best of my ability whilst also managing my state to the best of my ability  I know that if I didn’t manage my state then I really would create chaos.

What we often don’t realise is the impact on ourselves of getting through an intense period of work/life stress.   I managed to complete all of my work last week, averted a crisis with the website (thanks to wonderful support from somebody I have worked with for many years who worked into the night while I was at the hospital) I made some great new sales leads from my webinar, we filed our accounts, I sent out the Board meeting minutes and I travelled 90 minutes to the hospital to sit on the bed of my daughter. Later I bought sunflowers for her room and she came home to recover while I slowly got back to ‘normal’

What is normal? To me it is about being real with yourself about where you are and what you can do. Making lemonade with lemons can be a way of avoiding that which confronts us and we can underestimate the emotional impact of a stressful situation. Do what you can and just take each day as it comes.

Last week I was so tired that I couldn’t function normally at all. I managed the week because I have the tremendous support of an amazing team who I can call good friends. I also knew to say ‘this too shall pass’ and pass it did but I didn’t make lemonade.

Live. Love. Lift

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