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Remote Working

The ROI of Remote Working

Collaborative environments and flexible working

The last 18 months have taught us more than we could ever have possibly imagined.

One key lesson for business is that flexible work but collaborative environments are what’s needed for continuity.

remote working

To contextualise this, in 2020, the collaboration software category exploded, growing 5 years worth of users in the first 6 months. If colleagues weren’t able to meet in person, they had to find a way to collaborate digitally.

What is Digital Transformation?

In its simplest form, digital transformation is “The adoption of digital technology by a company. Common reasons for its implementation are to improve efficiency, value or innovation”. However you want to interpret it, digital transformation isn’t always smooth sailing. So, the pressing post pandemic question is…

How can business owners and leaders design workplaces that have adapted to digital transformation, whilst maintaining a positive collaborate environment?

Digitalism, unfortunately often falls hand in hand with loss of face to face connection, which for business can be detrimental to morale. A lot of companies are facing hard decisions about whether to fully, partly or never return to the office. All of which significantly impact company culture and connection. If companies do decide to keep their staff remote, naturally, leaders focus on the smooth transformation of information and processes and connecting people can fall off the bandwagon. However, this doesn’t mean connection isn’t possible, in fact, technology can help connect people, when done in the right way.

To succeed in this new era, there is a requirement for companies to balance both the right technology and processes to support a collaborative environment. And once those technologies are in place, it’s about building a positive company culture around the implemented tools and technologies. Communication is key, both in training for the collaborative software’s and the ongoing use of them.

We know the pandemic changed how many businesses think about digital workspaces entirely. Mostly because they had no choice but to enable remote working, but also because of the surprising amount of productivity shown when workers are allowed the independence to work remotely. The reality is, investing in a collaborative software such as GoalShaper to support digital transformation, not only keeps employees feeling included, on track and motivated, but also allows managers to have trust in productivity, due to accountability, employee wellness and ultimately revenue.

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