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Importance Of Daily Rituals

The importance of daily rituals

Creating daily rituals... and sticking to them!

As John Maxwell famously said “You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.”

importance of daily rituals

Although we aren’t always aware of it, most of our success in life, is already shaped by our daily habits and routines. It’s what you do each and every day, that is the building block to your bigger successes. Success begins with one small step, so by simply altering a few daily habits, and building a solid daily routine, you will notice, over time, that these changes are powerful in designing your dream life.

Let’s start with our daily rituals. In the modern world, it is unfortunate that too many of us experience overwhelm in our day-to-day life. With overwhelm, we tend to get sucked up by what is absolutely urgent, rather than what is actually important and valuable to us. Have you ever felt like you’re just about treading water and not making any progress on tasks or projects with longer term benefits? If so, keep reading. You’ll surprise yourself with how much you can achieve in just one day, when you structure yourself around good habits and routine.

1. Focus on the positives

Rather than telling yourself you’re going to quit every bad habit you have, focus on a positive habit to add to your life. For example, if you want to quit feeling anxious, focus instead on setting aside 10 minutes each morning to meditate. If you want to quit eating junk food, focus on creating the habit of making colourful meals.

2. Take it slow

The more habits you try to do all at once, the less like you are to succeed in any of them! As humans, we naturally focus on the negative aspects of ourselves, and even the most positive of people could tell you a handful of habits they’d like to change. Take one step at a time because even adding one good habit to your daily routine is a great success and will take up a fair amount of energy.

3. Success begins with one small step

Similar to the above, less is more to begin with! Don’t promise yourself too much if it’s going to lead to disappointment. Start with one good daily ritual, that will take up a tiny amount of time. You can then gradually build from this to allow your mind to adjust and ensure consistency. Eventually, what started off as a 2-minute run each day, will turn into a 30 minute run 3 times a week! If the point of this is to reduce overwhelm and get our life on track, the last thing we want to feel, Is even more stress.

4. Forgetting is not an option

With anything in life, consistency is key, so don’t let yourself forget what you’ve promised to do. Set up reminders for your new habits, whether this is notifications on your phone, or visual reminders around your house. Reminders will keep you on track and prevent the ‘I’ll do it later’ attitude, which never gets us anywhere.

5. Hold yourself accountable

Write down all the daily habits you’d like to achieve by a certain date and hold yourself accountable. With GoalShaper, you can schedule your daily habits into your calendar, and look back over time to see how frequently you achieved these habits, as well as how many you’ve implemented over time. If the habits are work related, your manager can also track your progress, and hold you accountable, often resulting in a greater chance of success.

6. Enjoy the process

It’s a known fact that we’re not going to stick to anything we don’t enjoy doing, so find a way to make sure you enjoy each of the habits you form. For example, rather than telling yourself you hate salad, think about how it is cleansing your body, giving you energy and keeping you fit and healthy. Think of running not as a tiresome boring activity, but a way to enjoy fresh air and nature each day.

7. Review and adjust

The daily habits that you want to implement now, will not be the same as in ten years’ time, we change as time changes, so make sure to constantly review what it is you want to get out of each day. Check in with yourself each day to see how well you’ve done and what you’ve achieved. With GoalShaper, ticking off your daily rituals and daily actions  is a good way of reviewing your time and gives a sense of reward for what you’ve accomplished.

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