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Success in uncertain times

Tracey Carr founder success Mi PurposeNavigating our way out of procrastination

I  went for a run today with my little dog. We have been doing the same circuit for a couple of years and in all weathers but today was different. The cold weather had frozen some of the ground and in places it had melted and created lethal slippery mud. As the terrain is hilly it quickly became apparent to me (and the wee dog) that running at any kind of pace was not going to be an option. It got me thinking about success in uncertain times.

I have a stubborn streak and was determined to complete the circuit somehow! Our only option was to walk/jog at a slow pace and be very careful about placing the feet – not in a rabbit hole or on a piece of ice or on slippery mud. This became quite a challenge! How often has social media or the news robbed your time and put you into procrastination?

I realized, as we were carefully navigating our way across the terrain, that the run was a metaphor for how all of us should navigate the uncertain times we face in 2017. The terrain looks unfamiliar but does that mean that we should withdraw or worse, give up? No, of course not!  It means that we should place even more importance on setting goals and striving for our purpose. It means adjusting focus and our pace and being disciplined about our own personal success this year. More than ever we need to be in charge of our own destinies.

Be mindful of the slippery terrain and be careful about how and where you invest your precious time and energy. 

Finally, make sure that you are calibrating your ‘state’ for success.

You can still reach the same goals but how you get there might be different this year. It is going to require you to be present and mindful about where you put your feet, which means your time and energy!

How present are you right now?

As you read this are you also thinking about the project you haven’t finished and…

  • what are you going to cook for dinner tonight?

For those of you who have attended my worldwide seminars…

  • where’s the gorilla in the room?
  • how present will you be with your loved ones this weekend?

Will you rush through the weekend just to get it all done or will you choose to be present and think carefully about where you are placing your feet for success in 2017?

With passion for a super successful 2017!
Tracey Carr

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