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Remaining agile and focused


Its August the 1st.

If you asked me what goals I set at the beginning of July I wouldn’t have a clue.

However, I do have a plan! And the plan involves ditching paper !

I just checked July’s goals which are neatly filed and color coded with my vision board and quarterly milestones inside Mi Purpose.  I am checking in so that I can reset for August ….I pretty much achieved every single one in every category.

No I am not bragging ..just showing the power of having a record so that we can pat ourselves on the back.

Also, if you are using advanced methods for productivity you may wish to back fill your activity week by week so that you have an accurate color-coded record of how you invest your time. (brilliant for appraisals too ) I do this weekly on Sunday by looking back over my calendar and messages.

Things change rapidly – Mi Purpose software helps you stay agile and focused.

Our mobile apps will be delivered to support users on the move in 8 weeks time! If you would like to be part of our testing team and input ideas please message me.

Live your best life by staying in control.

Our job is not about achieving more every day but simply a daily battle against inertia that will help us make incremental improvements that ultimately become significant life achievements.

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