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Reach Comapny Goals Faster

Reach Company Goals Faster

6 steps to harmonize team goals and reach company goals faster

Do you ever feel like your staff are wasting time?

Do you feel like you have no control over their outcomes?

Reach Comapny Goals Faster

We’ve coached thousands of people around goal setting. We’ve noticed a very common theme. Lack of clarity around individual and company goals. It appears people are often hesitant to set goals in the first place. Why is this?

  • Could it be, we are scared of not achieving what we set out to do? – or
  • Do we tell ourselves that we are too busy for that level of critical thinking?
  • What about you, what is your barrier?

Here is a fool proof, systematic process for refining goals

Your individual goals will fullfill six different criteria’s that align your personal wants and dreams, to the wider company goals. Making the team vision, much more believable, achievable and synergised. Want to take it a step further? Consider not only your business role, but your role at home, in your relationship and in your social circle.

In brief, the six questions that our team use for well-formed outcomes are as follows:

1. Positive

  • What do I want?

2. Evidence

  • How will I recognise when I have this?
  • How will I know when I have this?

3. Context

  • Where and when do I want to have this resource?
  • Where and when do I not want this resource?

4. Responsibility

  • What resources do I need to be able to achieve this?
  • What do I need to achieve this? Is this something which I, myself, can achieve?
  • Does it require other people’s support?

5. Benefits

  • What are the advantages of making this change?
  • What are the disadvantages of making this change?
  • What will achieving this lose me? What will I become?

6. Worth

  • What’s important about this outcome?
  • How does it benefit me?
  • How does it benefit others?
  • How will this outcome make me feel?


Reach Company Goals Faster E-book

Reach Company Goals Faster E-book

What has this got to do with time-wasting?

This process shifts the focus towards what you do want, rather than what you don’t want. Knowing what you do want, gives you something to focus on daily, and prevents you from wasting time. Knowing that what you’re doing also benefits the bigger picture, e.g., company or team goals, adds to your own motivation.

Your attention is on what to do and how to do it, rather than excuses, alibis and explanations. Outcomes often direct our thoughts and actions and when used towards our goals, dream and wishes… well, watch what happens.

The six steps distinguish between those factors which are relevant to getting what you and your team wants, and those which are in the realm of history.

Having a well-formed outcome makes it more likely that you will quickly recognise when you are thinking or acting in ways that are at variance to it e.g., procrastination. Create a habit of listen to your own signals. Stop, and re-evaluate your activities. Be the best version of yourself.

How do I introduce these 6 steps within my team?

Use your discretion and apply the questions that are appropriate to the time. Either introduce the process formally, by way of an appraisal or an annual review. Alternatively, introduce the process in a conversational manner, but making sure to note down the key points. Without note taking, we can’t evaluate, and therefore we cannot grow.

Our software is the perfect ‘note taker’ for individual and company goals. Keep on top of your individual goals whilst making sure they’re aligned to the company vision.

For more information on our goal setting software, visit Alternatively, download our free material on ‘how to reach your company goals faster’.

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