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Goalshaper is a solution that puts a way of life into practice in an inspiring and sustainable way. Imagine being energized instead of exhausted, engaged instead of bored, successful instead of barely getting by and inspired instead of feeling like you are wasting your talents and time.

Package FeaturesIndividual PlanStarter CoachAdvanced CoachBundles
$19$47$79 pm$47 pm
1 individual Plan5 Clients10 Clients5 extra clients
Take a Coaching workshop
Create your Vision Board
Use the Monthly Compass to stay on track
Set Quarterly and Monthly Goals
Use Dump Chunk Do to reduce overwhelm and easily achieve your dreams
Monthly client-reporting
Quarterly client-reporting
Annual Plan for every client
Upload your coaching notes
Upload your training resources
Share your resources with clients


UK Office
Registered Office:
86-90 Paul Street, London, EC2A 4NE

Registered in England Number: 10890132

EU Office
Unit 1a, Block 1, Bracken Business Park
Sandyford, D18H283, Dublin, Ireland

PIC Number: 886267273

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