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New Age myths debunked in goal setting

Goal setting and goal achievement are emotional activities . This is good because it  is our passion that drives us forward  and our  WHY comes from emotions that are often linked  to family and history and our programmed perceptions about how wonderful life can be (often images) People often move toward or away from goals based on these emotional connections.

The Flaw

if you are goal setting for 2018 it may be worth thinking about the the flaw in using only the right brain  to guide the trajectory of this year.  Because if we rely solely on synchronicity and imagination or pleasure impulses, we are missing out on millions of years of genetic learning. We only have to look at nature to understand that systems are the key to all of evolution (hence progress)

The evolution of the brain gave man a much more developed neocortex which gives us the power to think abstractly and logically. Despite this advantage this is also often the reason why we don’t reach our goals or evolve into our full potential.

In other words, our human power can only be fully realized by acknowledging its limitations. 

As Ray Dalio says in his brilliant book Principles

‘Man is just one of 10 million species and just one of the billions of manifestations of the forces that bring together and take apart atoms through time. Yet most people are like ants focused only on themselves and their own anthill, they believe that the universe revolves around people and don’t  pay attention to the universal laws that are true for all species.’

Clues from successful people 

Having coached over 10,000 people I find it useful to look for clues into why some manage to achieve success over time and some don’t. Form my research I can see that there is a difference in successful people and that is the willingness to subordinate impulses and to work to a plan for the long view or higher good.

That’s not to say that imagination isn’t useful but it can only be really powerful if there are checks and balances in place and we are adapting away from our distractions and perceptions and facing  our limitations in the pursuit of our biggest goals.

Make 2018 the year that your goals become reality by using a tracking system and a process for goal achievement rather than leaving it to chance

To your success!


Tracey Carr is the CEO of Mi Purpose software, Leadership Expert, Professional Speaker and Author



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