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Never Eat Alone


Business Building Tips from a World Class Networker

August is a great time to get ahead with that pile of reading and learning ready for an unstoppable Q4 when the world gets back to work in September. Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi is a MUST READ for anybody in business, whether corporate or entrepreneur.  It very much fits with the philosophy shared in our Masterclass last Month by Gil Petersil: Building Relationships Through the New Code of Networking. It was excellent. I have shared some of the highlights below.

Our greatest business advantage lies in our ability to use relationship building methodologies consistently to match our incredible social networking ability. However, this has become increasingly muddled based on the advances of technology and particularly social media. You might even notice that precious weekend family interaction has diminished because of the internet? Below are some strategies from Gil’s Masterclass that you can put in place to take back control.

Make two or three introductions or referrals a week to stay connected to your network. Remember your network = your net worth.

When you go to an event, make sure you have a plan. Who do you want to meet? Ask for a guest list prior to the event. What are your goals for the event ?

Before you go ask yourself ‘how would people introduce me?’ and make it part of your quarterly milestones to tweak the parts of your image you want to change.

Relationship management is the most important part of your career or business building strategy so make it is conscious: Identify 5 topics that you can talk about. They don’t have to be business related. Remember to share stories about topics you are passionate about so that people can connect to the real you.

Look at the last 50 people you called and look at the last 50 people you messaged. How relevant were those conversations to the long term vision for your life? Remember that connecting with family and friends is meeting our spiritual needs but if those conversations left you drained or feeling negative and/or if you are engaging in gossip you are simply wasting the time of your life. In 10 years you will surely arrive. The question is where ?

Use Monthly Compass in your Success System   to measure your whole life’s progress every month!

Take 20 minutes once a month to message 20 people (you can send 50 messages in 20 minutes) Keep records of conversations and schedule re-connection dates. Remember to use Do-Cal Do in your success system to keep track of daily activity records.

Strategic partnerships are key. Make it your goal to network with the best in the world (in your field ) and make sure you connect emotionally. Serve first. Always make yourself of service first.

Make sure you have clearly defined the vision for your life and map your relationship building strategy to your area of passion. For example, I am building a Technology business. However, my passion is people and sharing joy with people everywhere. Therefor the growth strategy for my business is to build a world class Founding Partner network and community where we can share common values to help each other and help the world.

When you have clearly defined your vision, mission and passion take the time to break it down into actionable quarterly and monthly goals. What are your Top 3 goals? What SPECIFIC days do you want to reach those goals? Who can help you ? Ask yourself – How can I add value to those people who can help me ? My Best Year Ever will guide you through this vital process.

Who helped you reach your previous goals? Call them up and say thank you.

Use all of these formula’s with appropriate intent. Ask questions wisely (research the person’s background and interest before calls and meetings )  Practice ACTIVE listening which means listening to understand instead of listening to reply.  Compliment people authentically. Follow up respectfully: Share books, make introductions, send hand written notes, make recommendations, endorse them.

Connect with as many people as possible in a real and authentic way. Make it part of your daily routine.

Spend only 20 minutes on social media in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening.  We would like to thank Gil Petersil for his excellent and practical Masterclass. This month will be on developing a social media strategy form somebody who just refused investment form a New York incubator  !

To Your Success!

Live. Love. Lift

Tracey Carr

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