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Management Styles For Peak Productivity

Management Styles for Peak Productivity

There is a statistically strong correlation between employee engagement and management styles

Incorrect management styles…

  • de-motivates employees,
  • kills productivity, and
  • trains employees to disengage
  • or worse, leave.
management styles for peak productivity

But how do we know which management style is best, and how do we successfully implement it?

In previous times, people became successful in their careers by developing expertise in a particular domain. Doing well, meant moving up the ladder and eventually into management, which meant ensuring that your subordinates learnt as well as you. As a manager, you’d know the best skills and techniques and would train others to do exactly the same as you. Copy and paste was the name of the game and your goal as a business was to be able to directly reproduce previous successes.

Embracing new energy

Today however, disruptive change is the new norm, and what has worked in the past, does not always work anymore. Managers can no longer have all the answers. To cope with the world’s digital new age, it is only right to move away from traditional copy and paste management skills to a more supportive and guided approach. One where employees can adapt to rapid change and embrace new energy, innovation and ideas.

Collaboration, empowerment and fulfilment

In essence, the role of the manager is becoming that of the role of a coach. Characteristics of this style are collaboration, empowerment and fulfilment. Two minds are stronger than one and making this shift, puts staff in the driving seat of their own performance. By using democratic leadership skills, managers are able to draw out and understand specific and individual motivations, so that every team member is working towards their own personal goals. Without personal goals, we have no drive, which in turn leads to inefficiency on a wider scale.

Ok, so your sold on coaching management skills but wondering how you can implement it?

If you are using GoalShaper you can set the high level goals and objectives and also allow individuals to set their own goals, and milestones toward the bigger picture.

Employees can see team and company goals set by others as well, to remind them of the bigger picture that they’re working towards.

Reaching milestones without recording actions is the norm but to give employees more control we invented Find, Sort, Do: All of their actions are colour-coded and categorized in one place. A goal seems so much more achievable when it’s broken down into bite sized pieces, and so much more rewarding when you can track your progress.

For managers, it’s a way of holding your staff accountable without breathing down their neck and trains us to look to the future instead of reflecting on the past.

Reach Company Goals Faster E-book

Reach Company Goals Faster E-book

If you want to learn more about the 8 most common leadership styles and how to find your own here is an excellent article on Hubspot

For more information on our goal setting software, visit Alternatively, download our free material on ‘how to reach your company goals faster’.

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