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GoalShaper has news for you!

We listened to your feedback

We’re so excited to share a whole bunch of new GoalShaper updates for you, based on our customers’ recent feedback.


Let’s start with our new navigation bar

We’ve given it a modern layout with a simple design to make task management as easier as ever. A new dropdown menu has been added, to allow users to switch from individual to team modes. You can also alter settings here such as you profile details.

From the navigation, users can access the ‘Find and Sort’ page. This is where they can add actions directly to their chosen categories such as ‘send Sarah a card’ into ‘Personal’. By pressing ‘expand all’, they can see all their actions together, or collapse again to keep everything tidy and out of mind until they’re ready to schedule.

All your actions are completely private and secure, with new categories automatically selected to ‘personal’, unless you choose to share them. If there are particular categories that users wish to share with their coach or manager, they can select the ‘professional’ option which will allow them to view.

Planning your week ahead

Eliminate the Sunday scaries by planning your week ahead in GoalShaper. Scheduled actions in Do, which is also accessible from the navigation bar, are now the same colour as the categories that have been set. We have chosen this colour coding feature because your brain is more programmed to recognise patterns. Action cards also now carry the same colour as their categories. This way, you can simply drag your actions to the day you want to do them and plan their whole week ahead. You can also prioritise your actions within the Do page by dragging them up and down your list based on what you’d like to see at the top.

Success starts with one small action

Actions can be ticked off, allowing users to keep a record of completed actions. Success starts with one small action, so it’s important to acknowledge each one. A new feature, is that you can now tick an action in the past and it will save a record where you left it for keeping the progress tracker accurate. This means if you forget to tick as you go, you can still have an accurate timeline of previous actions.

Action cards are expandable and allow users to set due dates and link the actions to their bigger goals. The Goals and Milestones page has also had a facelift! Yes, we’ve been working hard!

Enterprises, Coaches and Managers

Finally, the Progress Tracker now works in more than one way and allows users to choose to see action that are complete or open and overdue. Coaches and Managers can choose any individual and drill down in the same way. An Enterprise user can drill down to anyone in the company and in any time frame.

We hope our new features have tempted you to try GoalShaper for yourself, if you’re not already a user and if you’re a user already, we hope you like the new changes and welcome all of your ideas.

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