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I am sure that your life is sometimes like mine: An attempt to hold back chaos and bring back order. That is the natural rhythm of nature and we are part of the natural cycle of birth and death, energy and drama unexpectedly produced by external events outside of our control.

In the past 24 hours, I have had one of my daughters rushed to hospital for an operation on her appendix, another daughter returning from Japan, a Board meeting and the usual daily activity of blogging, sales calls, legal, finance and admin. Despite all of this I decided that the best thing I could do this morning was to stick to my morning ritual of early morning run followed by yoga.

There was a time when external events outside of my control would cause me a great deal of stress, until I learnt that the key to true Mastery is non-attachment and the continuance of daily rituals and commitments wherever possible.

if you can lower your attachment while raising your intention your life will transform. The key to lowering your attachment is knowing that you have some control.

The best way of maintaining a sense of control, when life throws lemons, is to use Dump Chunk Do on the move – so that you can keep track while managing external unexpected events.

To help you achieve this I created a 40 second video on how to use Dump Chunk Do on your Tablet

No matter what life presents, my desire for you is only peace

Live. Love. Lift



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