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Turn your purpose into daily action

Nb: We are currently rebranding from Mi Purpose to GoalShaper

Is your planning and time management  still manual, labor-intensive and fragmented causing you frustration and loss of accuracy?

Do post-it-notes and piles of paper cause you and your team to lose time and restrict your efforts to scale your business and get results?

Would your team benefit from having a tool that they can use to map their dreams and company objectives to their daily tasks, making them much more easily achievable?

Imagine being able to track all of your  progress in one place, saving time, energy and money.

GoalShaper the all in one, fully integrated, color coded, easy to use, interactive system.

GoalShaper Dump Chunk Do

GoalShaper is unique in that it is a complete system that takes you on a journey from Vision Board to managing your time.


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UK Office
Registered Office:
86-90 Paul Street, London, EC2A 4NE

Registered in England Number: 1089132

EU Office
Unit 1a, Block 1, Bracken Business Park
Sandyford, D18H283, Dublin, Ireland

Registered in Ireland Number: 717904

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