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Fail Forward (and succeed anyway)

Sometimes life gives you lemons right ?

You don’t always get what you want but I guarantee you always get what you need. 

Success leaves clues!

Failing forward is exactly what has happened for our team in the past 4 weeks through the learning of our Indiegogo Crowd Funding Campaign: We didn’t get what we set out to achieve (1237 individuals happily snapping up Mi Purpose for life ) but we DID get some amazing new customers and we got what we truly needed.
What we truly needed was to find out who our customer is. This is key milestone in the life of any business but especially a Tech business.
The 4 week campaign was a brilliant way for us to launch our marketing and to find out that it wasn’t 1237 customers validating our launch but a handful of businesses.

Yep, I couldn’t have dreamed that up but we now have several  exciting new projects about to launch with businesses who want to customise our software around their objectives for staff or clients.

Another exciting development is the partnership we have formed with Rorie Devine and his team who will help us to further define our growth strategy. ​​​​​​​Rorie has worked internationally and has held C-level leadership positions at many companies including Hailo, Betfiar, BuzzMyVideos, Yell, Full Tilt Poker and many more.

But the best part is : Rorie and his team are great to work with! Down to earth, helpful and human. Read more here
We couldn’t have hoped for more ! BIG Thank you to all who supported us!
Remember to follow the breadcrumbs, take heed of the red flags. Always know your destination but be flexible about how you get there.

Flow like the river !

​​​​​​​If you want to take advantage of the one-time-only offer and are  interested in customising our business growth tools for your team or your business, there are still 2 days left.

Contact me to find out how we can customise productivity and strategy tools for your business zib.c1660646257pfi@r1660646257rac.y1660646257ecart1660646257 

Tracey Carr
Founder & CEO

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