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Creating Healing Environments

Today I want to share a blog from my own mentor – Binnie A. Dansby. Enjoy !

Creating Healing Environments

It was  truly a bright and beautiful July. Every day has been filled with sunshine. England feels like California. Although some of us truly love the warmer weather, there is also growing concern about the warming of the planet, as well as other social and political issues. Having a spiritual practice and a purpose based in service is essential for me in this time.

“Why are you fasting?”

Is a question I heard many times.  I thought at first that it was about losing weight that has been ‘inching’ on in the last few years. I also knew that I just wanted to see if I could stop eating for some time. I bought The Complete Guide to Fasting, by Dr. Jason Fung, and read up on the chemistry. I prepared with some 24 hour fasts, and I really didn’t discover the deeper reasons for my choice until I was well into only herbal teas, water, walks, massage and saunas.

Little did I know in November 2017 when, following guidance, I chose the dates for the 10-day fast. Sirje and Lembe and I sat in Lembe’s kitchen when I was in Estonia for the annual SOURCE  Community gathering and chose dates that worked for us.

We didn’t realise at the time that the fast began on a Super New Moon, 13 June. The time included the Summer Solstice and ended on Midsummer, 23 June, with bonfires and family celebrations all over Estonia. It is a powerful time of transition, and I was deeply grateful to be quiet and in the moment.

Deep meditation comes so naturally when fasting.

I soon realised that the reason for fasting was, for me, to create an environment where true healing can take place. I do know that healing begins the moment that a life enhancing thought replaces a life diminishing thought. That act sets in motion a cleansing of the environment created by the negative thought and evidence of change begins to present itself. We are always creating from Love or Fear and every environment, physical and psychic, is affected.

As I fasted and meditated it became clear that I was giving my body the opportunity to clean up areas that needed cleansing. I do not need to wait until I have a diagnosis of some condition or other. The body will always heal itself if given the right circumstances, environment, and nourishment. I have been looking at my fasting as a physical reboot. I want to continue to cleanse the environment so that healing that is needed on the inner can take place.

The 23rd of June was not only the completion of our fasting, it was also the completion of my 30 days of the Process ForGiving. I had a truly joy filled time doing this and only missed 2 days in the 30. I enjoyed giving my parents and my child healing sessions and creative spaces for expansion and enlightenment. I am still integrating the impact of this month-long process and the 10-day fast.

I invite each of you reading this to think about creating healing environments.

Whether it is mentally, physically, or spiritually. Be aware of the psychic space you create when you are thinking about or expressing certain life diminishing or life enhancing thoughts. When you prepare a meal, do you take your time and enjoy the process or do you rush? The body knows. Our physical environments affect us, as we can readily sense when we are in a space designed with loving intent, whether it Is a dinner party or a building, a bedroom or an office. What we consider memorable architecture and interior design is an example of awareness of the effect that the environment has on healing.

What are the most healing environments to you?

Are you aware of your ability to create the environment for healing for yourself and others by the choices that you make of how to nourish yourself?

What is an action you can take right now to improve the healing potential of the room you are in? i.e. add a flower, some water, minerals, music.


Dates have been set for next year, end May 2019, to fast and explore healing together.

Please, make contact with us if you are interested.

We will be exploring the senses and their profound effect on our ability to heal when we gather in Copenhagen in August, 24th to 26th. For information about the SOURCE 5-month programs and open weekends. 

Elmer Postle and I are partnering to teach a 10-month course:

  • Our First 1000 Days: Diploma in Applied Prenatal and Perinatal PsychologyDeveloping the capacity to listen and be present to self and other through profound healing and integration of the seminal, early experiences of conception, gestation, birth and early childhood.

Beginning in January 2019, the course is sponsored by NAOS Institute.


From my heart to yours in this Summer,


Elmer Postle
Elmer Postle
Binnie A. Dansby
Binnie A. Dansby

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