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I like Goalshaper – colourful, straightforward, easy to use.
Love the colours (I am very visual), and love the way Goalshaper is laid out.
Most other ’task management/to do’ apps out there can make the app very ‘customisable’ – i.e. complicated (!)
This probably comes from businesses not knowing what the client really wants.
Everybody manages their priorities (or not!) differently.
(as you know, we are managing priorities, not time – time passes regardless of your priorities :)
So… IT tech/designers/programmers attempt to ‘cover all bases’.
They give the customer ‘everything’ they could possibly want with respect to ’slicing and dicing’ task ‘data’ (Tech’s do that , its what they are good at, and what they like doing).
With 10 different ways of doing the same thing (see Microsoft Word!!), ultimate configurability, and ‘cool’ features, clients get swamped and confused, so they dont use it.
An app does not have to be complicated to be effective.
In fact, as im sure you know already, the more complicated an app is, the less people use it.
One way of doing each of a few things well.
That’s what I love about Goalshaper.
There are some more things I have noticed about completing tasks, etc, so will let you know. Some of this may be by design. (like closing/completing a task, retrospectively).
e.g. Say I completed a task on Friday, (today is Saturday). The app will not let me end the task as of Friday. It will show the task (as a minimum) to be completed today, Saturday.
i.e. the end date of a task cannot be set to earlier than the current date.  This may be a way of catching which tasks a client did not perform on time. Or they may have just forgotten to tick it off.
Milestone end dates are the same (since a Milestone appears to be a subtype of an Action). This is annoying when you revisit a MIlestone because you hit it on time, but didnt update the app, and the app wont let you update the milestone end date.
This encourages people to then not set Milestones in the first place.
This is a great way to gather data on ‘what people do, when, to achieve their goals and results’.
Almost a demonstrable “Roadmap / Scheduled Task list for Success” one might say, if people capture everything they do – which they sometimes dont.
With corroboration evidence, across and between different people, over time.  Nice.
Keep going with a great product!
Looking forward to using the smartphone app when it arrives (you mentioned it was in testing.)
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