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Business Strategy Made Super Simple


Know anybody with some spare time? if you do they probably have a strategy.

Most of us don’t know anybody with spare time. In fact: The most scarce resource is time. Yet we waste so much if it by not being organised

If you want to grow your team, business or new venture, you need goals that come from a business strategy and a review and monitoring  process.

It’s a rhythm for success.

No crazy, fancy spreadsheets, just a pen and paper or  productivity software

I follow Dan Martell as he one of the few who puts out quality content that is easy to learn from and this simple strategy is guaranteed to sky rocket your business or team success if you follow it. The key, as always, is in the execution of the strategy !

Your business growth in this video

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At a high level the strategy looks like this

1. Have a vision

2. Set a high level 3 year plan

3. Define a detailed 12 month schedule

4. Review quarterly

5. Set monthly goals and review

6. Meet weekly

7. Connect daily

In the video Dan dives deeper into each and how to manage them for ‘stickablity ‘

The process is to start big picture and then work your way down to higher clarity on what’s planned near term.

You and your team can be guided through the whole process and keep your strategy and records for review all in the same place

Our character is defined by our attitude and how we spend our time .

Contact me to find out how we can customize productivity and strategy tools to help the people in  your business zib.c1660645810pfi@r1660645810rac.y1660645810ecart1660645810 

‘Never begin the day until it is finished on paper’ Jim Rohn


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