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Brain Training: Protecting ourselves from Self-sabotage

Brain-TrainingBrain Training: Protecting ourselves from Self-sabotage

Something strange used to happen to me in my 20s and 30s.

Whenever I set myself big goals (I’ve always been a dreamer!) I would find a distraction and not follow through.

I was, and still am, super-motivated and love to achieve my outcomes and goals but every time I set off in pursuit of my dreams I would create some early success and then fail to see it through because of a new idea or distraction! (I now call these shiny pennies)

The result of this yo-yo behaviour was periods of wealth followed by periods of lack. Round and round the hamster wheel not moving forward at all.

That’s when I discovered about the power of the Reticular Activation System in the brain and the unfortunate early programing that many of us have that sabotages our success.

If you find yourself dropping balls at work, picking fights, avoiding situations or seeking instant gratification when you know you shouldn’t, then you need to know about this.

Think of a search engine which will search for anything if you ask for it. Your brain is similar and it will pick up the information you ordered 800 times faster than you can see or hear. Our job is to programme the brain to work for us by training the brain cells to focus on our dreams and goals and not on all of our distractions – brain training!

How can I engage in Brain Training?

The goal of brain training is to simply maintain the daily habit of allocating every Dumped task to a colour coded category to focus your unconscious mind on your goals. Chunk!  (you can do this inside My Best Year Ever or you can buy coloured files)

Why do I need to do it daily?

Brain training is not difficult, but it does require discipline and daily repetition because you are reprogramming your unconscious mind to work for you rather than against you. By dragging or allocating your tasks to a category or life goal you are forcing your mind to focus on those goals. Do this several times a day and you are using the art of repetition to build the brain muscle while saving time by being organised! Bingo! This reprogramming process takes a minimum of 21 days.



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