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Being busy isn’t the problem

We’re all busy. Work. Family. Friends. In fact, we’re all busier than we’ve ever been in history: we work longer hours, take on more tasks and drive ourselves to be the best we can be. Isn’t it time to get a grip on our working lives?

We need more

  • We need context
  • we need balance, and
  • we need to understand where and how we contribute.

This is the philosophy behind GoalShaper.

GoalShaper helps you to capture that exhaustive list of actions and turn it into something manageable. It’s designed to help you understand how the small daily actions add up to the bigger picture.

For workers, GoalShaper shows you how you’re progressing against those larger goals; why work really matters, and what you’re doing to achieve against it.

For managers, GoalShaper is the shortcut to better and more consistent performance: a way to help people progress and a tool to discuss improvement and development.

Tracey Carr founder GoalShaper

Meet our founder

The Story Behind GoalShaper

Coming from a global leadership business, consulting businesses like Barclays, Lloyds and many more, I quickly realized that businesses were experiencing huge issues when it came to team management and goal setting.

In fact, when consulting with Google HQ, they asked a simple question…

“Why don’t you turn what you teach into a platform?…”

It was this one question that drew me into researching and gathering information about how I could turn my expertise in time management, goal setting and achieving visions, into a viable platform that just works.

Many others have tried to do this, but have never truly been able to achieve the results that I know are possible with the correct system.

This is when GoalShaper was born – with one simple mission, to help business owners and managers to create an environment that their team can work in that achieves results, and consistently.

Tracey Carr

Founder, GoalShaper



UK Office
Registered Office:
86-90 Paul Street, London, EC2A 4NE

Registered in England Number: 10890132

EU Office
Unit 1a, Block 1, Bracken Business Park
Sandyford, D18H283, Dublin, Ireland

PIC Number: 886267273

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