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Unstoppable Business Growth

5 ways to create unstoppable business growth

Dominate business growth

Get results fast

Even the most successful businesses are constantly rethinking their approaches for maximum success.

Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri came out with a statement at the end of last month to say that ‘Instagram is no longer a photo sharing app’.

Unstoppable business growth

The company is looking to lean into entertainment and video after seeing the success of competitors like TikTok and YouTube. If you want to dominate growth in your business, you need to master your agility in the fast-paced world that is today.

The pandemic completely changed the way that business interaction works, even now that we’re returning to normality. In person meetings have become a distant memory, as well as seminars, workshops and events. To thrive, we need to be able to dominate our competition in any given landscape.

Use these 5 tips to be a thriver

1. Build the right team

From the partners who work with you, and the sales team who work for you, they all need to be a perfect match. Don’t choose someone just because you like their personality. The right team will have a mixture of personalities as well as strengths and weaknesses. Your partners should help you inspire motivation in everyone but you sales team need to come raring with work ethic and unstoppable in contributing to growth.

2. Nail your training program

It’s pretty standard that you’ll train any newcomers to your sales team, but is that training ongoing? Without training refreshers, we aren’t able to stay agile and keep up to date with the latest tips and techniques. Like Instagram, your business should be releasing new products or features all the time, which calls for tailoring your sales approach as there is no one size fits all method. Have you thought about the new product orientation, messaging, and target audience?

3. Clearly define your goals and objectives

We like this one. Your team categorically won’t dominate growth if you’re not all working towards the same goals. Create, review and remind your team of the business map – where you currently are, where you want to be, and when. With GoalShaper, you can easily create SMART goals, with milestones that pave the way there. So you’ve set your goals, now make sure to communicate them. Maintain constant communication with your external partners as well as your internal team so that everyone stays on the same page when it comes to the growth plan.

4. Monitor performance

Several companies feared remote working during the pandemic, due to fear of reduction in productivity. Would they have feared if they had a trusted way to monitor performance? Remote working seems to be staying, and with GoalShaper Enterprise, managers can track individual performance by reviewing daily actions as well as progress on milestones and goals without being face to face. It is your job to set some key performance indicators for them, with delivery dates that you can mark against. It is true that with distance, expectations can be confused, so an efficient performance process is vital.

5. Don’t be too kind

As with non-business relationships, sometimes a person isn’t always the best fit for you. It’s unrealistic to stay in the honeymoon phase forever but be honest to yourself with the red flags and know when it’s time to say goodbye. If you want to really dominate business growth, and someone isn’t pulling their weight with sales, they’re going to bring the whole team down. Continue to evaluate your partners, staff and relationships for optimal team results.

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