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Tips For Productivity

5 tips for guaranteed productivity

We have had the tremendous gift of 25 years’ experience working with corporate executives through seminars, leadership development frameworks and roll outs, public speaking, research and one to one coaching. One of the most valuable parts of our journey is that we have learnt just as much as we have taught.

One of the most interesting learnings was listening to c-suite execs about how they manage their time and productivity. Alongside this, we invested heavily in our own growth and the end result was the production of a unique system that ultimately would work for anyone.

Tired of trying to motivate staff?

Start by teaching these 5 tips and watch productivity grow.

1. Procrastination

It’s been done and there is nothing left to learn because you know it all.

Yes, we all want to live in the moment and enjoy the days as they come, but there is a consequence for every single choice you make. Making a choice is also a choice.

Choice 1:

Picture yourself and your family in 10 years’ time and stop procrastinating today for a future of YOUR design.

Is there is link between procrastination and depression?

Choice 2:

Be happy with any result that happens to come along naturally. Both are OK, but it’s how you choose to live.

Live in the moment or design your future.

2. Email is the Enemy:

Create a zero-email inbox. We’ve coached senior execs who get 2000 emails a day and one of them said she simply deletes the entire inbox because if it’s important, they will call. This is an extreme strategy, but the reality is nobody can deal with 2000 emails a day. Some may have assistants to help, but don’t underestimate the power of your personal touch.

Here’s a strategy that works and is inoffensive:

  • Read emails once and only once. When you’re ready to read it, respond. No one needs to read an email twice.
  • Allocate maximum an hour per day to do the above admin, but never first thing.
  • OK, some emails may need more thought – file these into ‘action later’.
  • Allocate set times of the week to work on the filed items. Depending on your workload, this would be once a week to 3 times per week.
  • Trust the process. You will remember the important emails that you’ve filed, and your refreshing empty inbox will bring much more clarity for things that really matter.

3. Be your Word

The modern disease caused by social media is lack of accountability. Cancel culture is the new modern form of ostracism. It’s become ever more present during the pandemic, as people’s emotions, particularly the feeling of anger, have been heightened. It is where someone or something is thrust out of social or professional circles. It doesn’t give people the chance to learn. Don’t be a sheep in the herd. Be your own word. If you say you’re going to do something, do it. If you say you believe in something, believe it. Your reputation is everything. Letting people down is draining. You will save so much time by being clear with communication and following your word.

4. Brilliance is a Product of Environment

Learn from the best. Know your most fierce competition and learn from them. Find the person who has done the thing you want to do and develop a relationship with that person, so they want to help you.

‘But they’re competition, they won’t want to help’. Last year, as a response to ALDI’s copycat version of the flagship Brewdog Punk IPA, Brewdog designed a new beer called ALD IPA. Unlike the recent M&S and ALDI saga, Brewdog decided to learn from the discounter giants by collaborating instead of resisting. ALDI immediately got in touch to list ALD IPA, and now Tesco are looking to list it too.

Ultimately, the relationships you can develop are more important than anything else. This will save you decades of trial and error.

5. Discipline Means to Cut Off all Other Distractions

Apply a system. Once you have created the right environment, as described above, you can implement a system, such as GoalShaper, that works to maximise productivity and stop wasting time. If you are going to procrastinate, gossip, criticize others, or fail to deal with your admin efficiently, fail to be your own word, then life design probably isn’t right for you at this time.

If you do want to design your life remember this: Don’t underestimate the power of your goals, your intentions and the date that you set for the accomplishment of your dreams. This isn’t psychology, it is science.  If you’re thinking about what you don’t want, you will get that. If you’re thinking about big goals, you will get them. If you think about small goals, you will get them. Commit to your life design, apply some discipline in your life to follow through and make it happen. It won’t be easy. We’ve had some immense challenges in the creation of our tech business, as well as in our personal lives. However, in our darkest moments we knew only one thing …to put one foot in front of the other and keep walking.

These are some simple truths and proven methods that will guarantee to revolutionize your personal productivity. It’s worked for 10,000 others, so we know it will work for you.

The choice is yours to make; design a future of your own.

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