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5 Step -process To Achieve Any Goal

5 step process to achieve any goal

Tackle those persistent problems and achieve any goal

  • Set Smart Goals
  • Visualise the Desired Outcome
  • Create a Goal Map
  • Hold Yourseld Accountable
  • Celebrate Victories
5 step -process to achieve any goal

Any successful person can tell you that the secret behind achieving their goals, has not been what they have done to get there, but what they have done when they’ve failed. It’s all about perseverance; you keep trying, and if that doesn’t work, you approach it from a different angle, until you eventually break through.

However, sometimes we can feel like no matter how much we persevere, we are not progressing. This blog post is here to help you tackle those persistent problems with 5 clear strategies.

1. Set Smart Goals

Our brains are built to love goals that are specific and challenging otherwise it wouldn’t be rewarding enough to want to accomplish it. However, they also need to be realistic, otherwise they seem to far-fetched to ever become real. When a goal is too vague, or too optimistic, you’re setting yourself up for failure.  By writing down exactly what you want, but also how you’re going to accomplish it, and the milestones you need to achieve along the way, a dream becomes much more of a reality. You’re able to really visualise the life you deserve.

2. Visualise the desired outcome

Have you ever wondered why some people cut up photos and stick them onto what is known as a ‘dream board’? That is because our goals don’t start outside, they start in our heads. By visualising the outcome, you desire, it is easier for you to think and behave like you’ve already achieved it. Putting the message out there into the universe, means your subconscious actions will align with what you want to accomplish, and it will all slowly fall into place.

3. Create a Goal Map

Now it’s time to get practical. We can never reach a destination, without knowing how to get there. The map needs to detail every single objective, with a timeline, and the milestones along the way. This is a fool proof way of connecting your purpose to your goal. Breaking your goal down into bite sized pieces means your brain will be much more attentive to what means the most to you and what is most important to get done.

4. Hold Yourself Accountable

Accountability is realising that only you are in control of your life. Take full responsibility for the decisions that got you to where you are today, and make sure you’ve learnt something from every single one. Blaming your circumstances on forces beyond your control, won’t get you very far. Grab life by the horns!

5. Celebrate Victories

You will quickly lose motivation if you don’t acknowledge small victories. Success doesn’t come over night, so make sure to celebrate every small win. You’ll adopt an attitude of gratitude and learn to make goal setting and achieving, part of your lifestyle, rather than a one-time thing.

Take control and start to accomplish your goals today. GoalShaper can help you with every single one of the above steps, and achieving your goals will be so much easier, with a little bit of guidance and a supportive community.

Read more about the theory and practise of goal setting from Tony Robbins.

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