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How to get more done with this 5 minute miracle hack

We are drowning in information and yet, despite being busy, we seem to be engaged in  less and less meaningful activity.

However, getting more meaningful work done is easy with this miraculous 5 minute lifea-hack that you can easily implement into your daily routine .

Your body has 60 – 80 trillion cells and your mental, as well as physical, health starts in your cells. It is vital to take care of the inner health of your cells. All life begins in the cells and it is from our cells that we maintain good levels of energy and vitality.

Foggy thinking, lack of motivation, lack of focus and constant scrolling of our phones is the consequence of ignoring our cellular health and vitality.

Taking back control  is easier than you think with this 5 minute fun hack that you can do every day.

Get yourself a quality mini trampoline for your home or office and bounce up and down for 5 minutes a day.

That’s it. Seriously.

But the miraculous effects go way beyond exercise. Let me explain.

Every cell in your body is rejuvenated and oxygenated through rebounding ~ your muscles, bones, eyes, heart, lungs, kidneys, ears, glands – everything !

NASA studies have shown that rebounding for 2 minutes  is 68% more effective than a 6 minute run or a 22 minute walk. In just 2 minutes your entire lymphatic system is flushed out and your white blood cell count triples.

The 2-4 G Force (gravitational pull) involved in bouncing squeezes out toxins. Then during the brief weightless period, when the body is suspended in the air, the lower pressure in the cell promotes free movement of nutrients into the cells.

The lymphatic system is the metabolic garbage can of your body. It rids the body of toxins, fatigue substances, dead cells, nitrogenous waste, trapped protein, fatty goblets, pathogenic bacteria, infectious viruses, foreign substances, heavy metals and other waste.

With just 5 minutes a day you can activate your lymphatic system to create this miracle wash for your body that will give you more energy and vitality by ridding  you o foggy thinking and a lethargic reactive life.


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