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Assets You Can Leverage For Maximum Success

3 Assets you can leverage for maximum success

Leverage is power

Leverage can help you save time, money and energy whilst gaining expertise, skill and relationships.

But how does it work, and how can you implement it to relate to your own unique life?

Assets you can leverage for maximum success

Robert Kiyosaki, the author of ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ once said “People with leverage have dominance over people with less leverage. In other words, just as humans gained advantages over animals by creating leveraged tools, similarly, humans who use these tools of leverage have more power over humans that do not. Saying it more simply, leverage is power”.

What is leverage?

In the literal sense, the Oxford definition of leverage is “the exertion of force by means of a lever.’’ In business terms, it means using something to maximum advantage.  In every sense, your own leverage is using what you already have, in order to succeed. In this blog, we will talk about 3 assets you already have, that you can leverage for maximum achievement in your daily life.

1. Leverage your time

At GoalShaper, we spend every day teaching people how to get more done, in less time. Applying time management in your personal, as well as your business life, is THE most important key to success. We’ve all had those days where we feel like we’ve been plugging away all day but haven’t actually achieved anything that we set out to. By leveraging your time, you can learn to work smart, not hard and free up huge amounts of time for the things that are really important to you; be it making it to your daughters’ sports day, or training for the marathon.

Our top tip for leveraging your time is organizing your workload. By using Find Sort Do in GoalShaper, you can throw all your actions into the find column, categorise them to monitor how evenly you’re spending your time across different life apsects, and then spread them out across your week on the Do page. This way, you’re taking control of all your weekly actions, making sure you’re spending enough time in the categories that are important to you, and you’re also scheduling your actions and ticking them off as you go. Without gaining insight on your week and day ahead; how much you’ll be able to achieve is just a guessing game, and this is when you start to feel like you’re drowning under your work.

Another great leveraging tip is delegating the actions that you won’t have time for, or that others may be able to help you with. Think about what you can take off your plate and easily pass to another, to free up your own time. In the Enterprise edition of GoalShaper, managers can have access to their employees task load and scheduled actions. This means that if you notice your employees are light on actions for the week, you’ll feel better about offloading some of your own work onto them and can easily assign actions to individuals or entire teams.

2. Leverage your achievement

By leveraging your time, you’ll notice that the goals you’ve set out to achieve, are getting accomplished left right and centre. Achieving the goal, isn’t always enough in itself though. Whilst it’s important to recognise your achievements and reward them, why not use one achievement to leverage another, creating a domino effect.

Let’s use athletes as an example for this. When top athletes succeed in acquiring gold medals, or champion trophies, they will never stop there. They then use this achievement to negotiate deals with sponsors to gain them even more success off the back of their achievements. Just like an athlete would, you can negotiate your achievements to gain yourself a pay rise, or a promotion or even just company recognition. Does the thought of this sound manipulating to you? It shouldn’t! If you know your worth, you’ll know you deserve to make full use of your achievements to get you where you want to be.

3. Leverage your connections

Connections with people, are critical for jumping ahead of the game. Similar to the above point, we don’t mean this in a manipulative way, as connections should always be meaningful, respectful and two way. However by cultivating solid relationships with people, you will naturally start to benefit it, and they will too!

In a business sense, the simplest benefit of leveraging connections, is expanding your knowledge base. By networking in circles that are relevant to you, you will hear about the latest book release worth reading, local conferences, free education material and more.  Connections also let you hear about the latest jobs before they’re published, or someone may introduce you to another person who becomes really valuable to your life.

Remember that it’s not just you that’s leveraging networks, and by expanding your network, you are also sharing the information you know, to others who may find it valuable.

Using Leveraging in business and in personal life is crucial in order to unlock success. Maximise your potential today by beginning to use the assets described, that you already own, to climb you up the success ladder with more ease and less stress.

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