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BEYOND TEAM Achieve your goals…
using GoalShaper’s AI.
Link every action to company, team and individual goals. GET GOALSHAPER SOFTWARE. FINALLY,

Achieve Strategic Goals

Connect your company, team and personal goals to your daily actions… all in one place.

why goalshaper

The busier you are, the more important it is to prioritise your goals.

Use a proven process to focus on and identify those actions that are most important to accomplish.

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Be a better-performing you.

Don’t just be busy: be effective. Take better control of your time by prioritizing your key actions, seeing how they contribute to your goals and master your workflow.

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Create a high-performing team.

Keep your team on-track wherever they’re working. Get a clear view of their progress, performance and wellbeing, all in a single app, and deliver outstanding team results.

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Help your organization achieve more.

Intelligent software to help your people get a clear picture of their actions, priorities and goals, and track their progress towards high-performance and personal development.

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power your team

Use your management dashboard to monitor your team goals and milestones in real-time and experience GoalShaper’s streamlined performance overview.

why goalshaper
Start using GoalShaper right now

Download today or contact one of our advisors for more information.

it's all in the flow

Find it. Sort it. Do it.

Make your workload work for you. We’ve made it incredibly easy to import, find and give shape to your daily actions.

Turn your actions into a coherent plan, and make sure you spend your energy where it’s needed most.

Fire up your productivity engine and get a clear idea of how your day-to-day actions contribute to your big objectives.

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Find. Sort. Do. GoalShaper


Have your best day every day

Being busy isn’t the problem. We’re all busy. Work. Family. Friends. In fact, we’re all busier than we’ve ever been in history: we work longer hours, take on more tasks and drive ourselves to be the best we can be. Isn’t it time to get a grip on our working lives?

We need more. We need context, we need balance, and we need to understand where and how we contribute. This is the philosophy behind GoalShaper.

GoalShaper helps you to capture that exhaustive list of actions and turn it into something manageable. It’s designed to help you understand how the small daily actions add up to the bigger picture.

For workers, GoalShaper shows you how you’re progressing against those larger goals; why work really matters, and what you’re doing to achieve against it.

For managers, GoalShaper is the shortcut to better and more consistent performance: a way to help people progress and a tool to discuss improvement and development.

Achieve Strategic Goals

key team members

Our Executive Team


Tracey Carr

GoalShaper Founder and Co-CEO. A lifetime entrepreneur plus Professional Speaker, Coach and CEO with a track record in working with Blue Chip Companies.

James Ehrhart

James Ehrhart

GoalShaper Co-CEO and Product Manager. 30+ year career with Accenture and focused on digital transformation and organizational effectiveness.

Hilary Singleton

Hilary Singleton

GoalShaper Financial Director. Specializing in providing bespoke financial management information solutions, securing funding and ensuring cost savings are implemented.

Adrian Cox

Adrian Cox

GoalShaper Development Lead. Providing leading-edge software development for business critical functions in industries from defence, to media, and financial services.


I have been using this proven process in my coaching and mentoring practise for We Are The City and it is brilliant. My mentees and coaches say that it helps them reduce overwhelm and stay on track.

Vanessa Valley
Head of Business Management, Aviva Investors

I just love it. My dozens of pages of lists are disappearing – not all gone yet. I particularly love being able to drag and re-prioritise items – makes my old numbering and highlighting seem very pedestrian.

Linda Cairns
Surrey Youth Focus

I am a process and efficiency specialist and I like breaking things down into quarters. I actually sometimes even advise clients to break things into month increments, so they seem less overwhelming… I also love how you can categorize tasks. In my world, this is called ‘affinitizing’, and it’s super helpful for folks to see if they are well-rounded in their activities.

Marliese Bartz
Operations Black Belt, Sarbanes Oxley

The feature I use the most is the calendar. I can keep a list of un-calendered aspirations handy in the ‘sort’ list on the left-hand side and slot them into the calendar when time is available. There is flexibility in the system that allows this. A very useful tool which I open first thing each morning, tick off tasks as they are completed during the day, and in the evening, set up my plan for the next day.

Charles Palmer
Hailoch Property Ltd

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